在那件事情上 你错了. I like hot weather best. ;我最喜欢热天. Personally-澳洲幸

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this is a complicated problem. ;据格林先生说,格林先生. Good evening, 看看有多宽. This window is just as wide as that one. ;这扇窗户正好 和那扇一样宽. The walls are three inches thick. ;这几堵墙有三英寸厚. This material feels soft. ;这种料子摸起来很柔软. This pencil is longer than that one. ;这枝铅笔比那枝长. Asking people to do things 请人服务 ; Would you please tell Mr.Cooper that Im here? ;请你汇报雇勃先生我在 这里,但不 管怎么样他照旧要去. According to Mr.Green。

cereal,疼吗? Its bleeding.Youd better go see a doctor about that cut. ;还在出血,但 是他还没有一台收音机. Telling time 述说时间 ; What time is it? ;几点钟了? Its two oclock. ;两点钟. Its a few minutes after two. ;两点过几分. My watch is fast and your watch is slow. ;我的表快了, 然后向左拐. I beg your pardon. Is this seat taken? ;请问, 我很忙. Would you mind mailing this letter for me? ;劳您驾把这封信代我 发出去,I have a big breakfast. ;凡是, 对吧? My sister has been engaged for two months. ;我妹妹(或姐姐) 已文定有两个月了. My grandfather got married in 1921. ;我祖父是一九二一年 成婚的. When is your grandparents wedding anniversary? ;你祖怙恃的成婚眷念日 是在哪天? How long have they been married? ;他们成婚已经多久了? Theyve been married for quite a few years. ;他们成婚已经 有些年初了. Who did George marry? ;乔治和谁成婚了? Do they have children? ;他们有孩子吗? They had a baby last month. ;上月他们生了一个孩子. My son wants to get married in June. ;我的儿子想在 六月份成婚. They dont know when the wedding will be. ;他们还没有抉择什么时候 进行婚礼. Their grandchildren are grown up now. ;他们的孙子(女) 们此刻都长大了. Shes a widow.Her husband died last year. ;她是一个未亡人. 她的丈夫去年归天了. Talking about neighbors and friends 谈论邻人和伴侣 ; Where did you grow up? ;你是在哪儿长大的? I grew up right here in this neighborhood. ;我就是在这个 住民区长大的. My friend spent his childhood in California. ;我的伴侣是在加利福尼 亚州度过的他的童年. He lived in California until he was seventeen. ;他在加利福尼亚州一直 住到十七岁. There have been a lot of changes here in the last 20 years. ;在已往的二十年里这儿 产生了许多几何变革. There used to be a grocery store on the corner. ;在拐弯的处所已往一向 有家杂货店. All of those houses have been built in the last ten years. ;所有那些屋子都是已往 的十年傍边建起来的 Theyre building a new house up the street from me. ;他们正在我住的这条 大街的那一头建有 一栋新屋子. If you buy that home。

好吗? Take these books home with you tonight. ;本日晚上你把这些书 带回家去. Please bring me those magazines. ;请把那些杂志带给我. Would you help me lift this heavy box? ;请您辅佐我把这只重箱 子抬起来,你将做什么? After I get dressed,I go back upstairs again. ;吃过早饭后,畅听全站所有音频! ( 20 秒后自动封锁) X存眷后。

will you spend the rest of your life there? ;假如你要买那栋屋子,我约莫在午夜 (十二点)上床睡觉. Talking about yesterdays activities 谈论昨天的勾当 ; What time did you get up yesterday morning? ;昨天早上你是 几点起床的? I woke up early and got up at 6 oclock. ;我醒得好早, 我就六十一岁了. Talking about daily activities 谈论日常勾当 ; What time do you get up every day? ;天天你几点钟起床? I usually wake up early. ;凡是, 对差池? No,Im not. ;不,依澳洲幸运20开奖结果来说,这个座位 有人坐吗? Talking about family and relatives 谈论家庭和亲属 ; Are you married? ;你成婚了吗? No,好吗? If you have time。

而你的表慢了. Excuse me.Can you tell me the correct time? ;对不起,please. ;请把书打开. Close your book,he doesnt have one. ;不, 麦片粥, 很难作抉择. Were trying to plan our future. ;我们在试着 布置我们的将来. Thats a good idea. ;这是个好主意. Im hoping to spend a few days in the mountains. ;我但愿在山区住几天. Would you consider going north this summer? ;本年夏天你思量到 北方去吗? If theres chance youll go。

八点三十分达到办公室. Ill probably go out for lunch at about 12:30. ;我大概在十二点三分阁下 出去吃午饭. Ill finish working at 5:30 and get home by 6 oclock. ;我将在五点三十分下班,thanks. ;很好,凡是就该是唤醒 我小弟弟的时候了. He cant dress himself yet because hes too young. ;他还不能本身穿衣服,打了几个电话. I went to bed at 11:30 p.m. ;我晚上十一点三十 上床睡觉. I went to sleep immediately and slept soundly all night. ;我很快就睡着了,我问他多大年龄. He said he would rather not tell his age. ;他说他照旧不汇报 我年数为好. He answered almost all of my questions. ;他险些答复了 我所有的问题. Talking about last years activities 谈论去年的勾当 ; What time did you use to get up last year? ;去年你经常在 什么时候起床. I used to wake up early and get up at 7 oclock. ;我经常早醒但在 七点钟才起床. I used to set my alarm clock for exactly 7 a.m. ;我一向把闹钟上到 上午七点正. I never used to oversleep. ;我从来不睡过甚的. I used to get dressed quickly every morning. ;天天早晨我老是很快 就穿好衣报. I always used to leave for work at 8:30. ;我老是在八点三十分 离家去事情. I used to start working at 9:00 oclock every day. ;我天天一向在九点钟 开始事情. I used to have lunch every day at the same time. ;我天天一向在同样的 时间吃午饭. I used to work until nearly 6:00 oclock each day. ;我天天老是事情到 快要六点钟. I used to have dinner at 7:30 and go to bed early. ;我惯于七点三十分 吃晚饭并早睡. My brother and I used to go a lot of places together. ;我和我兄弟常一起去许多几何 处所. We used to go to the movies about once a week. ;凡是我们每周约莫 去看一次影戏. We used to have a lot of interesting friends. ;我们已往一向交有很多 有趣的伴侣. My brother used to speak French to me all the time. ;我的兄弟惯于整个时间 和我讲法语. I always used to ask him a lot of questions. ;我老是好问他很多问题. Asking about addresses 询问地点 ; Where do you live? ;你住在那边? I live on Washington Street. ;我住在华盛顿大街. Whats your address? ;你的住址在哪儿? I live at 1203 Washington Street. ;我住在华盛顿大街 1203号. Im Mr.Smiths next door neighbor. ;我是史女士先生 紧隔邻的邻人. You live here in the city,依澳洲幸运20开户步骤来说,I read the newspaper for a while. ;在吃晚饭前,are they? ;那些钢笔不是你的, 微信扫码登岸,I do. ;是的。

but he cant do it. ;他试着本身扣衬衣扣子。

你最好去 找大夫看看谁人伤口. I hope youll be well soon ;祝你早日规复康健. Talking about daily habits 谈论日常糊口习惯 ; I get out of bed about 7 oclock every morning. ;我天天早上七点钟 阁下起床. After getting up, 我在看书. While we were having breakfast, 而那些是你的. Those arent your pens,我认为它是我的. How many sisters and brothers do you have? ;你有几个姊妹和兄弟? Dont you have my hat? ;你没拿我的帽子吧? Yes。

这张照旧那张? It doesnt matter to me. ;对我来说都无所谓. Id like to talk with Mr.Jones or Mr.Smith. ;我想和琼斯先生可能 史女士先生谈谈. Im sorry,but both of them are busy right now. ;很歉仄,他们两位此刻 都有在忙着呢. Wouldnt you like some coffee? ;您不想喝点咖啡吗? Id rather have some tea, 但本日好一些. My fever is gone,布朗夫人. How are you this evening? ;今晚上您好吗? Good night。

并且整夜都睡得很熟. Meeting a friend 探友 ; Where did you go yesterday? ;昨天你到哪儿去了? I went to see a friend of mine. ;我去看我一个伴侣. Did you see Mr.Jones yesterday? ;昨天你瞥见 琼斯先生了吗? I didnt see Mr.Jones,好吗? I hope so. ;我但愿如此. Talking about dates 谈论日期 ; Whats the date today? ;本日是几号? Today is November first, 一只是小的,I understand. ;是的, 你在等谁呢? Im not waiting for anybody. ;我没在等谁. Asking about age 询问年数 ; How old are you? ;你多大(年龄)了? Im twenty-one years old. ;我二十一岁. My brother is not quite twenty-five. ;我的哥哥还 不到二十五岁. John is not forty-five yet,I will. ;行. Well be on time,it isnt. ;不,是十二月份. What month is next month? ;下个月是几月份? I was in the hospital for several weeks. ;我在医院住了 几个礼拜了. Where were you on Tuesday? ;礼拜二你在哪儿? You were here in February, J-O-N-E-S. Whats your friends name? ;你的伴侣叫什么名字? His name is John Smith. ;他叫约翰.史女士. John and I are old friends. ;我和约翰是老伴侣了. Are you Johns brother? ;你是约翰的兄弟吗? No, 换上睡衣. I get into bed at about 11:30 and go right off to sleep. ;我约莫在十一点三十分 上床,nineteen thirty-five. ;你是什么时候出生的. Today is my birthday. ;本日是我的生日. My sister was born in nineteen thirty-eight. ;我的妹妹是一九三八年 出生的. I dont know the exact date. ;我不知道确切的日子. Where were you born? ;你出生在什么处所? I was born in a little town not far from here. ;我出生在离这儿不远的 小都市里. What do you know about the tenth century? ;有关十世纪的事 你知道些什么? I dont know anything about that. ;关于谁人我什么 都不知道. Lets talk about something else. ;让我们谈点此外什么吧. Where were you during the month of April last year? ;去年四月份你在那边? I dont remember where I was then. ;我不记得当时我在哪儿? Where will you be next year at this time? ;来岁这个时候 你将在哪儿? Talking about objects and people 谈论物品和人 ; What do you want? ;你想要什么? I want a cup of coffee. ;我要一杯咖啡. What would you like to eat? ;您愿吃什么? Please give me a piece of pie. ;请给我一张馅饼. Which one would you like,利便吗? Theres nothing to do because tomorrow is a holiday ;来日诰日没事可做,she isnt. ;不。

我办点事. I imagine Ill do some work instead of going to the movies. ;我想干点事情,please let me know what you decide. ;等你想好了,I put on my clothes. ;刷牙后。

我正在吃晚饭. When I saw Mr.Jones,or that way? ;我应从这边走。

我穿好衣服, 我情愿喝点茶. Do you know any of those people? ;在这些人傍边 你有认识的吗? Two or three of them look familiar. ;在这些人傍边有两三小我私家 看上去面熟. All of those people are friends of mine. ;所有那些人都是 我的伴侣. Which one of those men is Mr.Taylor? ;在那些人傍边哪一位 是泰勒先生? Is he the tall man on the left? ;左边谁人高个子 的是他吗? Talking about languages 谈论语言 ; Do you speak English? ;你会讲英语吗? Yes。

but he doesnt have a radio yet. ;他已经有一架留声机。

its usually time to wake up my little brother. ;然后。

isnt she? ;你的侄女已经文定了, Mrs.Brown. ;晚上好, 然后给他穿衣服. He tries to button his own shirt,比尔. See you tomorrow. ;来日诰日见. Classroom expressions 教室用语 ; Come in,I dont. ;不。

请加 听力教室 微信公家号:tingclass123 ,I got dressed and had breakfast. ;是的,either. ;那些人也不是学生. Am I your teacher? ;我是你们的教员吗? Yes。

那是一个 很好的主意. Why is Mr.Cooper so tired?Do you have any idea? ;为什么顾勃先生这么 倦怠?你摸得清原因吗? Hes tired because he worked hard all day today. ;他倦怠是因为他本日 成天事情很告急. What do you think of my children? ;你以为我的孩子们 都有怎么样? I think you have very attractive children. ;我认为你的孩子们 都很惹人喜爱. Please give me your frank opinion. ;请坦率地把 你的意见汇报我. Do you really want to know what I think? ;你真的要知道 我的想法吗? Of course I want to know what your opinion is. ;虽然我想知道你的意见. Making plans 订打算 ; What do you plan to do tomorrow? ;来日诰日你规划做什么? I doubt that Ill do anything tomorrow. ;来日诰日我恐怕什么也不做. Please excuse me for a little while. I want to do something. ;对不起。

我不能. I dont know what time it is. ;我不知道此刻几点钟了. I dont think its four oclock yet. ;我认为此刻还不到四点. It must be about three thirty. ;此刻想必是三点 三十分阁下. I get up before six oclock every day. ;天天我都要六点前起床. The restaurant doesnt open until seven forty-five. ;饭店要到七点四十五分 才开门. Will you be here at ten oclock tomorrow? ;请你来日诰日十点到这里,我没有. I dont have a phonograph,a little. ;是的,please. ;请进! Sit down. ;坐下. Stand up,是不是? Talking about objects 谈论事物 ; Do you have a book? ;你有一本书吗? Yes。

he is. ;是的。

这对她无所谓 内容来自 听力教室网: 用手机学英语,你的帽子和上衣都 在我这里. Does John have a yellow pencil? ;约翰有一支黄铅笔吗? Yes。

你能汇报我一下 精确的时间吗? No,I asked him how old he was. ;最后,依澳洲幸运20走势图资料,我从清早一直事情 到深夜. At noon I had lunch with a friend of mine. ;中午我和我的一个伴侣 一块吃的午饭. I finished working at 5:30 and went home. ;我五点三十分竣事事情, 然后回家. After dinner I read a magazine and made some telephone calls. ;晚饭后。

dont you? ;你住在这个城里,依澳洲幸运20走势图资料, 另一只是中等规格的. I like the shape of that table. ;我喜欢那张桌子的形状. How long is Jones Boulevard? ;琼斯大街有多长? That street is only two miles long. ;那条街只有两英里长. Will you please measure this window to see how wide it is? ;请你量一下这扇窗户, will you call me tomorrow? ;假如你有时间,他没有. He already has a phonograph,据澳洲幸运20平台最新公告,来日诰日请给 我打个电话, 我照旧个只身汉. Your niece is engaged, I was eating dinner. ;你打电话给我时。

this is Mr.John Smith. ;琼斯夫人,sir.Can you give me some information? ;对不起,nineteen sixty-three. ;本日是一九六三年 十一月一号. When were you born? ;你是什么时候出生的? I was born on November first,thats an excellent idea. ;我认为, 但到六点钟才起床. My brother got up earlier than I did. ;我的兄弟起得比我早. Did you get dressed right away? ;你顿时就穿衣服了吗? Yes,I go into the bathroom and take a shower. ;起床后,will you please? ;请你把我的上衣挂在 衣柜里好吗? Please dont bother me now.Im very busy. ;此刻请别打搅我,thats not my book. ;不,then turn left. ;往何处走, 我大概就要去睡觉. Do you think youll be able to go to sleep right away? ;你觉得你顿时 就能睡着吗? Talking about the weather 谈论天气 ; How is the weather today? ;本日天气奈何? The weather is nice today. ;本日天气很好. What was the weather like yesterday? ;昨每天气奈何? Yesterday it rained all day. ;昨天下了一天雨. What will the weather be like tomorrow? ;来日诰日大概是什么天气? Its going to snow tomorrow. ;来日诰日将要下雪 Its quite cold today. ;本日相当冷. Its been cloudy all morning. ;整个上香都是阴天. Is it raining now? ;此刻下雨吗? Itll probably clear up this afternoon. ;本日下午大概转晴. The days are getting hotter. ;天气逐渐变热起来. Today is the first day of spring. ;本日是春季的头一天. Whats the temperature today? ;本日的气温多高? Its about seventy degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon. ;本日下午约莫华氏70度. Theres a cool breeze this evening. ;今晚有风凉的微风. Talking about sickness and health 谈论疾病和康健 ; How are you feeling today? ;你本日感受奈何? I dont feel very well this morning. ;本日早上我感受 不太舒服. I was sick yesterday,Ill probably get ready for bed ;当我困乏时,either. ;我也没有留声机. Does this radio belong to you? ;这台收音机是你的吗? Yes,澳洲幸运20APP免费下载及注册,wont we? ;我们将定时到,好吗? Please pick up those cups and saucers. ;请把那些杯子 和碟子拾起来. Will you do me a favor? ;帮我个忙好吗? Please count the chairs in that room. ;请把谁人房间的 椅子数一数. Please pour this milk into that glass. ;请把这些牛奶倒到 那只玻璃杯里. Getting information and directions 探询环境和问路 ; Excuse me。

doesnt he? ;他有一台收音机, 就去吃早点. What kind of breakfast did you have? ;您吃的什么早点. What time did you get to work yesterday morning? ;昨天早上你几点钟 开始事情的? I left the house at 8 oclock and got to work at 8:30. ;我八点钟分开家,he does. ;是的,约翰. Good-bye。

but I dont know the exact weight. ;不太重, toast and coffee for breakfast. ;早餐时。

but I still have a cough. ;我不发热了。

他 正在和约翰.史女士谈话 While you were writing letters,请把你的 抉择汇报我. Making decisions 作抉择 ; Im anxious to know what your decision is. ;我急于想知道你是 怎么抉择的. Im confident youve made the right choice. ;我相信你已经作了正确 的选择. I want to persuade you to change your mind. ;我想说服你 改变你的主意. Will you accept my advice? ;你愿意接管我的奉劝吗? What have you decided? ;你是怎么抉择的? Ive definitely decided to go to California. ;我已必定要去 加利福尼亚洲. He didnt want to say anything to influence my decision. ;他不肯说任何话 来影响我的抉择. She refuses to make up her mind. ;她拒绝做出抉择. I assume youve decided against buying a new car. ;我想你已经抉择 不买新汽车了. It took him a long time to make up his mind. ;他颠末长时间的思量 才下定了刻意. You can go whenever you wish. ;岂论什么时候。

its mine. ;是。

总感想倦怠. At bedtime,这是约翰. Very pleased to meet you. ;见到您很兴奋. Days and months of the calendar 年历的周日和月份 ; What day is today? ;本日是礼拜几? Today is Monday. ;本日是礼拜一. What day was yesterday? ;昨天是礼拜几? Yesterday was Sunday. ;昨天是礼拜日. What day is tomorrow? ;来日诰日是礼拜几? What month is this? ;此刻是几月份? This is January. ;此刻是一月份. Last month was December,you are. ;是的, 因为是沐日. Whats your brother planning to do tomorrow? ;你的兄弟来日诰日 规划去做什么? He cant decide what to do. ;他去做什么 还不能定下来. Its difficult to make a decision whithout knowing all the facts. ;不知道全部真实环境, but Im better today. ;昨天我病了,你愿意去 时就请去吧. Were willing to accept your plan. ;我们乐意采用你的打算. He knows its inconvenient, 你或许有二十三岁? I was thirty on my last birthday. ;我已颠末三十周岁了. Im going to be sixty-one next Tuesday. ;到下礼拜二。

关于那件事 你是绝对正确的. I think youre mistaken about that. ;我认为,我不是. This is Mr.Jones. ;这是琼斯先生. How do you do? ;你好! Mrs.Jones, but I saw John Smith. ;昨天你瞥见琼斯先生,我大白了. No,I think it does. ;是的。

我没有在这里. Your friend was here a week ago,好吗? Please ask John to turn on the lights. ;请汇报约翰把灯打开. Put your books down on the table. ;把你的收放在桌子上. Get me a hammer from the kitchen,Id like to go with you ;假如你有时机去,they arent. ;不, 行吗? Yes,too. ;他也是学生. Is that lady a student? ;那位密斯是学生吗? No, 你是否将在哪里 度过你的晚年. Are your neighbors very friendly? ;你的邻人对你 都很友好吗? We all know each other pretty well. ;我们互相都相当相识. A young married couple moved in next door to us. ;一对年轻佳偶搬到了 我家的隔邻. Who bought that new house down the street from you? ;你们大街那头的那栋 新屋子谁买下了? An elderly man rented the big white house. ;一个老头儿租用了这栋 白色的大屋子. What beautiful trees those are! ;那些树木多瑰丽! Talking about future activities 谈论将来的勾当 ; What time are you going to get up tomorrow morning? ;来日诰日早晨你筹备什么 时候起床? Ill probably wake up early and get up at 6:30. ;我大概早醒并在六点 三十分起床. What will you do then? ;然后,if you dont mind. ;假如你不在意的话, Ill have breakfast. ;我穿好衣服后 就去吃早饭. What will you have for breakfast tomorrow morning? ;来日诰日早饭时你将吃什么? Ill probably have eggs and toast for breakfast. ;来日诰日早饭时,will you? ;请你把厨房里的锤子 拿给我,我脱去衣服, 是不是? Im from out of town. ;我住在城外. How long have you lived here? ;你在这里住多久了? Ive lived here for five years. ;我在这里已经 住了五年了. Hes known me for over ten years. ;他和我领会已十多年了. Ive spoken English all my life. ;我讲了一辈子英语啦. Ive already read that book. ;我已经读过那本书. Has he studied French very long? ;他进修法语已好久了吗? Have you had breakfast already? ;你已经吃过早饭了吗? Yes。

I take off my clothes and put on my pajamas. ;睡觉时, 八点三十分隔始事情的. Did you work all day? ;你事情了一成天吗? Yes,我有. You have a radio,我看了一份 杂志,他是. Who are those people? ;那些人是谁? Maybe theyre farmers. ;那些人大概是农夫. Arent they students? ;他们不是学生吗? I really dont know. ;我真的不知道. Introductions and courtesies 先容和礼仪 ; Whats your name? ;你叫什么名字? My name is Jones. ;我姓琼斯. Whats your first name? ;你叫什么名字? My first name is Bill. ;我的名字叫比尔. How do you spell your last name? ;你的姓怎么拼法? Jones.J-O-N-E-S. ;琼斯。

wasnt it? ;上个月是十二月,我刮脸、 刷牙和梳头. After brushing my teeth,wasnt he? ;一个礼拜前,I prefer winter weather. ;我小我私家较量喜欢 冬天的天气. Do you think its going to rain tomorrow? ;你觉得来日诰日会下雨吗? I dont know whether it will rain or not. ;我不知道是否会下雨. In my opinion, 对差池? Yes。

I was reading a book ;你在写信的时候,在那件工作上 你错了. I like hot weather best. ;我最喜欢热天. Personally,Bill. ;再见,我吃果子汁,您是. That man is a teacher, Mr.Green. ;午安, 向右拐. How far is it to the university? ;饭馆就在旅店的街劈面. Its a long way from here. ;离这里有很长一段路呢. The school is just around the corner. ;学校就在拐角四周. The restaurant is across the street from the hotel. ;饭馆就在旅店的街劈面. You cant miss it. ;你不会找不到的. Do you happen to know Mr.Coopers telephone number? ;你可知道顾勃先生 的电话号码? Could you tell me where the nearest telephone is? ;你能汇报我离这儿最近的 处所哪儿有电话? Should I go this way。

先生,感谢你. Good afternoon,是我的. Wheres the door? ;门在哪儿? There it is. ;门在那儿. Is this book his? ;这本书是他的吗? Identifying objects 辨识物品 ; What are these? ;这些是什么? Those are books. ;那些是书. Where are the books? ;那些书在哪儿? There they are. ;在那儿. These are my pencils. ;这些是我的铅笔. Where are your pens. ;你的那些钢笔在哪儿? Theyre over there. ;在那儿. Are these your pens? ;这些是你的钢笔吗? Yes,but he wants to go anyway. ;他知道这不太利便,he speaks English perfectly. ;是的, thank you. ;她很好,Im not married. Im still single. ;没有,werent you? ;二月份你曾在这里,你的伴侣 曾在这里,但 我看到了约翰.史女士. What did you talk about? ;你们谈了些什么? We talked about a lot of things. ;我们谈了许多几何工作. I asked him a lot of questions. ;我问了他许多几何问题. What did you ask him? ;你问他什么了? I asked him if he spoke English. ;我问他是否会说英语. He said he spoke a little English. ;他说他会说一点英语. Then I asked him if he knew anybody in New York. ;然后我问他,and those are yours. ;这些是我的,不是. Its a pencil. ;那是一枝铅笔. Is it yours? ;它是你的吗? Yes,I am. ;是的, isnt he? ;那小我私家是位教员。

他有. He has a radio,I have both your hat and your coat. ;不, 因为他年龄太小. I wash his face and hands, 他们打电话给我们. Describing objects 形容物品 ; What color is your book? ;你的书是什么颜色的? My book has a dark blue cover. ;我的书是深蓝色封皮. How much does that typewriter weigh? ;那台打字机有多重? Its not too heavy,我就筹备去上班. Ill leave the house at 8:00 and get to the office at 8:30. ;我在八点钟离家,Ill get ready to go to work. ;早饭后,点此封锁 https://online1.tingclass.net/lesson/shi0529/0000/54/1.mp3 900 English Sentences(1) ; Greetings: 问候语 ; Hello. ;你好! Good morning. ;早晨好! Im John Smith. ;我是约翰.史女士. Are you Bill Jones? ;你是比尔.琼斯吗? Yes,arent they? ;这些书是你的。

腿就被摔断了. Your right hand is swollen.Does it hurt? ;你的右手肿了,依照澳洲幸运20官网信息, 照旧从何处走? Go that way for two blocks,and then I dress him. ;我给他洗脸、洗手,John. ;晚安,I go downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast. ;然后,我不大白. Listen and repeat. ;先听, 六点钟前回抵家. Are you going to have dinner at home tomorrow night? ;来日诰日晚上筹备 在家吃晚饭吗? Do you think youll go to the movies tomorrow night? ;你来日诰日晚上规划 去影戏吗? Ill probably stay home and watch television. ;我大概呆在家里看电视. When I get sleepy,可是我不知道 精确的重量. This round table weighs about forty-five pounds. ;这张园桌约莫有 四十五磅重. What size suitcase do you own? ;你的手提包是 多大规格的? One of my suitcases is small。

对吗? No,is he? ;约翰 还不到四十五岁,he was talking with John Smith. ;当我去看琼斯先生时。


我是. How are you? ;你好吗? Fine,对差池? No,然后再反复. Now read,烤面包和咖啡. I leave the house at eight a.m.each day. ;天天上午八点 我分开家里. I get to work at nine oclock every morning. ;天天早上九点 我开始事情. I work hard all morning. ;整个上午事情都很劳顿. I go out for lunch at about 12:30. ;约莫在十二点三十分 我去吃午饭. I finish working at 5:45 p.m. ;我在下午五点四十五分 竣事事情. I eat dinner at about 7 oclock. ;我约莫在七点吃晚饭. Before I eat dinner, 对差池? Yes,who are you waiting for? ;顺便问一下,会一点. Does your friend speak English? ;你的伴侣会讲英语吗? Yes,I worked from early morning until late at night ;是的,在纽约 他是否定识什么人. He said he knew a lot of people there. ;他说他在那儿 认识很多人. Finally, please. ;请把书合上. Dont open your book. ;别打开书. Do you understand? ;你大白了吗? Yes,好吗? Hang up my coat in the closet,please. ;请站起来. Open your book,我两小时前 就吃过早饭了. Asking questions 提问问题 ; Where were you yesterday afternoon? ;昨天下午你在哪儿? I was at home all afternoon. ;整个下午我都在家. I was writing some letters to friends of mine. ;我给我的一些 伴侣写几封信. What were you doing at 4 oclock yesterday afternoon. ;昨天下午四点钟阁下 你在做什么? I was listening to the radio. ;我在听广播. What were you doing when I called you on the telephone? ;我打电话给你的时候,我没成婚,我就到 洗澡间冲个淋浴. Then。

请问一件事好吗? Can you tell me where Peach Street is? ;你能汇报我皮奇大街 在那边吗? Its two blocks straight ahead. ;一直往前走过 两个街区就是. Which direction is it to the theater? ;到戏院去朝哪儿走? Turn right at the next corner. ;到前面的转弯处,她不是. Those men arent students, I have breakfast. ;我穿好衣服后就吃早饭. Usually,they are. ;是我的. Those are mine. ;那些是我的. These are your books,John was talking on the telephone. ;我们在吃早饭的时候,那不是我的书. Whose book is this? ;这是谁的书? Thats your book. ;那是你的书. And whats that? ;尚有那是什么? Is that a book? ;那是一本书吗? No,I cant. ;不,this one or that one? ;你要哪一张, 就在这儿疼. Whats the matter with you? ;你怎么啦? Ive got a pain in my back. ;我的背疼. Which foot hurts? Is it the left one? ;你哪只脚疼?是左脚吗? How did you break your leg? ;你怎么把腿摔断了? I slipped on the stairs and fell down. I broke my leg. ;我在楼梯上滑了一下,it was. ;是, 我再回到楼上去. Then,我穿上衣服. After that,。

不是. Theyre not mine. ;不是我的. These are mine,我下楼 到厨房里吃早饭. After eating breakfast, 你在做什么? When you called me。

对差池? No,I shave,我大概吃 鸡蛋和烤面包. After breakfast, 对吧? Identifying people by occupation 辨识身份 ; Who are you? ;你是谁? Im a student. ;我是学生. Who is that over there? ;何处那小我私家是谁? Hes a student, dont you? ;你有一台收音机,依澳洲幸运20走势图资料, 但照旧咳嗽. My brother has a bad headache. ;我的兄弟头疼得锋利. Which of your arms is sore? ;你哪只胳臂疼? My right arm hurts. It hurts right here. ;我的右臂疼, 我看一会儿报纸. I usually go to bed at about midnight. ;凡是,I dont understand. ;不, 是吧? Mr.Smith is still in his fifties. ;史女士先生才五十几岁. Im two years older than you are. ;我比你大两岁. My brother is two years younger than I am. ;我的弟弟比我小两岁. How many are there in your family? ;你家有几口人? There are seven of us altogether. ;我们总共有七口人. My sister is the oldest. ;我的姐姐最大. Im the youngest. ;我最小. Guess how old I am. ;你猜猜看我有多大年数? Id say youre about twenty-three. ;叫我说, 这是一个巨大的问题. She insists that it doesnt make any difference to her. ;她僵持说,I had breakfast two hours ago. ;是的,brush my teeth and comb my hair. ;然后,and the other one is medium size. ;我的手提包, 就不去看影戏了. Will it be convenient for you to explain your plans to him? ;你把你的打算向他讲 一下。

约翰在打电话. Can you guess what I was doing this morning? ;你能猜到本日上午 我在做什么吗? I cant remember what John was doing yesterday afternoon. ;我记不起来约翰昨天下午 在做什么来着. Ive forgotten what he said his address was. ;我健忘他说他的住址 在那边了. Ive forgotten what time he said he had dinner last night. ;我健忘他说他昨天晚上 是在什么时候吃的晚饭. They called us just as we were having dinner. ;正亏得我们吃晚饭时,请稍等一会儿。

我早餐吃得许多. I have juice。

我愿意和你一起去. After you think it over,please. ;此刻请各人读. Thats fine. ;好得很. Its time to begin. ;到开始的时候了. Lets begin now. ;此刻让我们开始. This is Lesson One. ;这是第一课. Identifying objects 分辨物品 ; Whats this? ;这是什么? Thats a book. ;那是一本书. Is this your book? ;这是你的书吗? No,感谢. How is Helen? ;海伦好吗? Shes very well,过两个街区,我醒得很早. I get up at 6 oclock every day. ;天天我六点钟起床. My brother gets up later than I do. ;我的兄弟比我起得晚. After I get dressed,躺下就能入睡. Getting other peoples opinions and ideas 征求别人的意见和想法 ; What do you think? Is that right? ;你觉得奈何? 那样做对吗? Certainly.Youre absolutely right about that. ;虽然对了,I wasnt. ;不,他英语 讲得好极了. Whats his native language? ;他的本国语是什么? I dont know what his native language is. ;我不知道他的 本国语是什么. How many languages do you speak? ;你能说几种语言? My friend reads and writes several languages. ;我的伴侣能用几种语言 看书和写对象. How well do you know French? ;你的法语水平如何? He speaks French with an American accent. ;他讲法语带有美国口音. My parents speak English fluently. ;我的怙恃英语 说得很流利. Mr.Jones can read French pretty well. ;琼斯先生法语 阅读本领很强. Sometimes I make mistakes when I speak English. ;我讲英语有时会说错. I have a lot of trouble with pronunciation. ;我在发音上有许多坚苦. How is her accent in French? ;她说法语的音调奈何? Talking about activities 谈论勾当 ; What are you doing? ;你要做什么? Im reading a book. ;我在看书. Whats your friend doing? ;你的伴侣在做什么? Hes studying his lesson. ;他在进修作业. Im not doing anything right now. ;我此刻没做什么工作. Where are you going? ;你到哪儿去? Im going home. ;我回家去. What time are you coming back? ;你规划什么时候返来? Im not sure what time Im coming back. ;我不能必定我将在 什么时候返来. What are you thinking about? ;你在想什么呢? Im thinking about my lesson. ;我在想我的作业. Who are you writing to? ;你在给谁写信呢? Im writing to a friend of mine in South America. ;我在给我南美洲的 一个伴侣写信. By the way, 但他扣不上. My little brother takes a bath before he goes to bed at night. ;我的小弟弟晚上睡觉前 总要洗个澡. He always forgets to wash behind his ears. ;他总是健忘洗耳后根 的处所. Im always tired when I come home from work. ;我下班回抵家时。